Dec 15

Miskelly’s Third 2015 Season of Giving Recipient

Our third 2015 Season of Giving recipients are Charles and Kathy Harrell.

Charles and Kathy have taken in six siblings who were removed from their parents due to neglect.  The siblings were going to be separated. The girls would go to different foster homes and the boys to Piney Woods. Charles and Kathy were determined not to let that happen, so they stepped in and arranged for all six children to live with them.

The Harrells have a son of their own. The family has suddenly increased from three members to nine, and they live in a two-bedroom house.

With a full house and Christmas right around the corner, they were in need of a little help. Miskelly’s delivered a truckload of new furniture to the Harrell family. Headboards, chests and mattresses!

We are grateful for the opportunity to help the Harrell family, and hope they have a joyous Christmas together.

Harrell 1 harrell 2

Dec 15

Miskelly’s Second 2015 Season of Giving Recipient

Our second 2015 Season of Giving recipient is Mr. Joseph Horne.

Joseph Horne is a security officer for MDOT.  In 2013 he found his 30-year-old wife passed out from a brain aneurysm.  She later passed away.

Joseph and his wife had no health insurance. Trying to pay her medical bills cost him everything. He lost his home and car.  He lost his job because he had no transportation.  He lived in motels, boarding houses, and one church.  This past January he became an occupant of the Salvation Army and they helped him secure his current job.  Co-workers have been a huge help by providing him transportation to and from work.  He has saved enough money to rent an apartment, but it’s empty. He has been sleeping on the floor with a blanket.

Miskelly’s is grateful for the opportunity to help Joseph.horne 1 We are happy to report that he will no longer be sleeping on the floor!horne 2

Dec 15

Miskelly’s First 2015 Season of Giving Recipient

Miskelly Furniture feels very strongly about giving back to the community. Several years ago we recognized that there are people in our local area in need. We then began our Season of Giving promotion in which people submit nominations for individuals or families. Miskelly’s, in partnership with WLBT, select recipients to receive furniture and Miskelly’s delivers it to the recipients before Christmas.

Our first 2015 Season of Giving recipient is Ms. Wanda Wells.  Wanda is a widow who took in her abandoned grandson Cameron two years ago.  Wanda was recently able to acquire a small apartment for she and Cameron, but they have no bed and are sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  Wanda is employed, but her income is small.

Thanks to Wanda’s employers, who nominated her for the Miskelly Season of Giving, she’s received brand new living room, dining room and bedroom furniturewanda wells 1 wanda wells 2Miskelly’s is grateful to give back to the community, and we are all so happy for Wanda.

Jul 15

Like Options? Shop Miskelly’s 6 Locations for the Best Furniture Selection in Mississippi

Everyone likes to have options. Whether it comes to deciding what to have for dinner, what to wear, or more importantly… what furniture to have in your home. But dinners and outfits are temporary, and not as big of a decision compared to choosing furniture. Finding the perfect bedroom set, sofa, chair or rug to put in your home lasts much longer; that’s why it’s essential to have plenty of options before making that decision.

So what are we saying? You need a great selection and knowledgeable experts to help guide you in the furniture-buying process, and Miskelly Furniture is without a doubt THE place for just this!

cover photo new

Miskelly Furniture is the premier furniture retailer in Mississippi. Not to toot our own horn, but we’re proud to be the top, largest place to shop for furniture. In fact, did you know we have six locations to meet your every mattress and home décor need? If you’re in the need (or want) of high-quality, low-priced furniture, exploring your options with us is the answer!

For starters, check out our main location on Airport Road in Pearl, MS. Here we offer the South’s largest selection of high fashion furniture and accessories at affordable prices. We have many one-of-a-kind items that you’ll never see anywhere else. Wall art, bedroom sets, sofas, chairs, ottomans, tables, glassware–you name it. No matter what fits your fancy, your preferred style is bound to be in our approximately 500,000 sq. feet of space!

If you’re not in the Brandon/Pearl area, shop Miskelly’s in Madison! Same great selection and merchandise, only more convenient for those in the Ridgeland/Madison area.


Are you looking to get all of your furniture sorted out at once, instead of piece by piece? Would you like someone to do all of the interior design work for you? Make a stop by Miskelly’s RoomStore! Located just down the street from our Airport Road location, Miskelly’s RoomStore features beautiful furniture that has been professionally paired and organized by our top-tier designers. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to furnish an entire room for an excellent price, our room sets are ready to go for you at Miskelly’s RoomStore.


If your budget is less flexible but your tastes are just as refined, don’t miss swinging by Miskelly’s ClearanceStore. Stocked full of a wide variety of name brand furniture, this store (also located near our Airport Road location) has incredible factory closeouts at savings up to 70% off the original price. Fantastic!

Finally, all of that shopping may have you feeling a little sleepy. Save up some energy for Miskelly’s SleepStore to find the mattress of your dreams. Our two SleepStore locations in Ridgeland and Flowood carry the most trusted and respected mattress brands. Our staff of highly trained sleep specialists can find you the mattress best fit for your needs. Plus, you’ll “sleep easy” knowing you paid the lowest price at Miskelly’s SleepStore!

bedroom decor

We hope we’ve made our case that there is no other place in the area for amazing furniture options. Our six locations are available to serve you every Monday – Saturday. There’s never been a better time to shop Miskellys!

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Feb 15

Need a Better Night’s Sleep? Shop Miskelly’s Sleepstores

Did you know Miskelly Furniture has five convenient Sleepstore locations to meet all of your mattress needs?

  1. Miskelly’s Sleepstore in Flowood next to Dick’s Sporting Goods
  2. Miskelly’s Sleepstore at the Renaissance at Colony Park in Ridgeland
  3. Inside at Miskelly Furniture on Airport Road in Pearl
  4. Inside at Miskelly’s in Madison
  5. Inside Miskelly’s Roomstore

If you’re the type of person that appreciates quality shut-eye and convenient shopping, keep reading!

At the Sleepstore, our goal is for you to wake up each morning feeling rested and energized. We want to help you find relief from sleeplessness, body pains, and poor health. Instead of just telling you what to buy, we make it a point to understand your needs, answer your questions, and help guide you to a lifetime of better rest. But why should you make Miskelly’s Sleepstore your first stop on the road to a beautiful night’s sleep?

Sleepy Pup

First of all, let’s talk about selection. You’d be hard-pressed to find more shapes, sizes, and types of mattresses than those offered at the Sleepstore. Miskelly’s Sleepstore offers everything from basic innerspring and pocketed coil mattresses, to memory foam and adjustable beds. We even offer hybrid mattresses like the well-known Sealy Posturepedics, and we can’t forget to mention the wondrous Tempur-Pedics. No matter what your budget or how you like to rest, we have you covered- comfortably!

Miskelly's Sleepstore Brands

Whether you’re shopping for the kids’ twin beds or upgrading to the king size mattress you’ve always wanted, you can rest assured knowing that we have experts to help you create a place of true relaxation. That’s because Miskelly’s Sleepstore has enlisted the advice and know-how of our own top-tier Sleepstore Specialists! Offering full-service consultations and educated advice, they’re trained to custom-fit your needs for the perfect night’s sleep.

Dr. V, Mattress Specialist

The Sleepstore Specialists are led by Dr. V, and they’re passionate about better health through better sleep. They know that each and every person who walks into our store has a different set of needs: a different budget, body type, and lifestyle. Some people know what kind of mattress they like, while others have no idea. At the Sleepstore, there is simply no one-size-fits-all approach to mattress shopping.

Finally, once you know you’ve found the right mattress, you’ll receive the service and support you need. For starters, the Sleepstore lets you get right to relaxation, guaranteeing same-day delivery if you purchase before 5pm. Speaking of purchasing, we’re also proud of our convenient financing options and low price guarantee. Shop with true confidence!

Sealy Posturepedic® Hybrid Mattress

In the unlikely event you aren’t perfectly happy with your new mattress, just let us know! The Sleepstore has you supported by a 60 Night Guarantee. If you aren’t happy after your cozy test drive, we’ll gladly help you return and exchange your mattress.

Comfort at Miskelly's Sleepstore

A great night’s sleep is essential for maximum health and everyday performance. Taking your personal sleep needs in consideration, the Miskelly’s Sleepstore delivers a custom solution for better sleep, better rest, and a better life. Ready to get started? Make an appointment today!

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