Design Fix – 5 Common Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Does this describe your room: beige walls, beige sofa, beige carpet, beige drapes, beige pillows? If your space is defined by its outdated neutral palette, it’s easy to upgrade with color. Introduce cool shades of aqua and blue to enliven dull tans and browns, or choose warm reds and oranges to infuse life into a mostly gray palette.

stuck in neutral2. STAYING TOO SOLID

If your room needs a refresh, it might be as simple as adding more patterns. Incorporating geometrics, oversized florals and bold graphic prints into a space is comparable to giving it a face lift. Patterns help update a room and give it dimension. Top patterns to look for include bold tribal prints, tile patterns, over-scaled damasks, and organic natural motifs.


For many years, silver finishes reigned supreme and were the only acceptable look in home decor. Recently silver, chrome and nickel have been upstaged by gold, copper and rose gold. So what’s today’s hottest finish? Mixed metals. To achieve today’s most desirable looks, top designers are creating spaces that blend a variety of metallic finishes together.

mind your metals4. FORGETTING TO LOOK DOWN

While it’s common to agonize over just the right wall color, floors often go forgotten. Give your floor the attention it deserves with an area rug or runner. There are designs to fit every taste and décor style, from traditional oriental rugs to modern ikat patterns and animal prints.



Lighting is the fastest, easiest way to romance a room. Fashion- forward table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers make it simple to add instant style and a touch of drama.  And don’t feel like your lamps have to match—today’s design trends encourage looks where furnishings complement, not imitate, each other.

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