Sep 14

Fall Decorating Ideas from Miskelly Furniture

Summer is gone and the cooler days are just around the corner. It’s time to transform your home decor to match the season and dress your home for fall!

Take a look at these six fall decorating tips from Miskelly Furniture to transform your home from summer to autumn:

Add a Festive Front Door Wreath

A wreath with seasonal foliage is one of the best ways to get the exterior of your home ready for fall. Spruce up the wreath with the freshest-looking leaves, and try to mix up the colors to give it a beautiful, colorful variety.

Fall wreath

Fall wreath

Warm Up Your Deck or Patio

Decks and patios can sometimes be neglected if the humidity and mosquitoes are too much to bear. So as summer turns to fall, the weather is perfect for comfortable evenings outside. First, give your outdoor space a little cleaning if its needs it. Once it’s ready to go, gather fleece throws and pillows for extra comfort and add a trendy rug to keep your feet warm. Add mini pumpkins and fall foliage to the table.

Outdoor setting

Outdoor setting

Add New Accent Pillows to Your Living Room

When the colder weather grows near, friends and family will start spending more and more time indoors. Cozy up your living room sofas and chairs with a variety of plush throw pillows in different shapes, sizes and patterns. These comfortable accessories will not only change up your living room a bit, but will give the entire room a warmer tone.

Accent pillows

Accent pillows

Decorate a Fall-Inspired Mantel

Your mantel deserves a little love during other holidays leading up to Christmas. Give it some attention during fall! Turn your mantel into an autumn-inspired display by adding pumpkins, candles and leaves. Seeing your festive mantel everyday will make you love the season even more.

Fall decorated mantel

Fall decorated mantel

Pull Out the Matches

No, we don’t want you put anything on fire! We just suggest lighting up the candles. Since fall comes with cooler weather and shorter days, it’s a great time to put those candles to use. Take advantage of early nightfall and embrace the darkness by lighting scented candles around the house. The candlelit ambiance will give the room at inviting atmosphere and cozy feeling you may be looking for, along with a yummy scent.

Add candles

Add candles

Fill the Air with Fall Scents

While we’re on the subject of scents, did we mention that potpourri is an easy and attractive way to release fresh scents around your home? Collect dried natural materials, like cinnamon sticks, cloves, hazelnuts, orange slices and lavender, in a bowl and sprinkle with a few drops of oil to spread the scent through your home. Place a nicely arranged bowl of freshly-made potpourri in the most occupied rooms in the house.



These quick and simple fall decorating ideas will instantly make your home feel cozy this autumn. We’d love to offer even more ideas to transition your home from summer to fall by visiting with you at any Miskelly Furniture location!

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Aug 14

Shop Labor Day at Miskelly Furniture!

interest free

As a big thank you for your business over the years, Miskelly Furniture invites you to join us for a Labor Day Celebration.

Need a new bed? Wanting to spruce up your living room? How about a new dining table for the upcoming holidays? Come by Miskelly Furniture for special Labor Day savings! Our 2014 Labor Day Sale is one you don’t want to miss!!

Shop Labor Day at Miskelly’s and take advantage of these spectacular deals*:

  • $250 off shopping coupon
  • 20% off rugs and accessories
  • Pay no interest until 2019

Wow — now that’s big savings!

Let’s recap: Be at our doors at 10:00 a.m. for a $250 shopping coupon (*valid on a $1499 minimum purchase. See store for complete details on discounts and financing). Pay no interest until 2019, and get 20% off rugs and accessories! Offer good at all locations.

Interest plus $250 Off


We will have giveaways all day long! On Labor Day (9/1/14) at Miskelly Furniture’s Airport Road location, we’ll be giving away prizes throughout the day including:

  • Samsung 60″ HDTV
  • YETI Cooler
  • Kamado Joe Grill
  • THREE mattress sets
  • …and a $5,000 shopping spree!!


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Aug 14

Get Social With Miskelly Furniture


Did you know Miskelly Furniture is seriously social? That’s right! You can find Miskelly’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. If you want to win prizes, be the first to know about exclusive discounts, view new, beautiful pieces of furniture at Miskelly’s, or simply chat with us and other social media lovers, we encourage you to give us a follow on social media!

fb-icon_35x35Facebook – “Like” us on Facebook at facebook.com/miskellyfurniture to win BIG prizes from us. We’ve given away a Simmons recliner, bedroom suite, server, 7-piece dining room set, $2,000 gift certificate, $500 gift certificate, one-of-a-kind sideboard, two YETI® coolers, two Adirondack chairs, $250 gift card from our friends at Boots & More, a stylish swivel recliner, and more. Whew! That’s a lot of great stuff to give just to our Facebook fans.

Not only can you enter our one-step-entry giveaways, you’ll be the first to know about specials and discounts, and see gorgeous pieces of furniture and accessories in our stores. Have questions about our products? Just send us a message! It sure is good to be a Miskelly Facebook fan.

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Aug 14

Miskelly Furniture Partners with Fix It and Finish It

fix it and finish it

We are thrilled to announce that Miskelly Furniture has partnered with a NEW television series, “Fix It & Finish It” which will begin airing across the nation in September 2014. The series takes an unfinished room project in a home that is in need of a little help, and will be fixed up and revamped. Miskelly’s was asked to donate furniture for families in need of help on their renovations. The crew will be in Mississippi renovating and filming 11 different homes over the next several weeks.

So far, Miskelly Furniture has been involved with three exciting home makeovers in the Jackson Metro Area. It’s an awesome feeling to wake up knowing that you will be a part of something that makes another person’s life just a little better. So many amazing people have chipped in for this worthwhile endeavor, and we are thankful!

Oh yeah, if you see the Miskelly truck on the road, give our guys a honk and a wave! They do such a great job and we are proud to have them on our team as they deliver items to these homes. We’ll keep you updated on the progress on our Facebook page. Go check it out to see behind-the-scene photos with host Antonio Sabato, Jr. To see the complete transformations, watch Fix It & Finish It debuting in September on WLBT!

Miskelly’s is looking forward to working with the TV crew and all of the families these next few weeks. Take a look at some of photos we’ve snapped so far:

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Jul 14

Win a Stylish Swivel Recliner from Miskellys!

Swivel Recliner Promotion Graphic_1 copy

If you love cute furniture and winning prizes, you’ve come to the right place. Miskelly Furniture is holding a fun contest that you can enter in a matter of seconds! We are giving away a stylish swivel recliner to one lucky Facebook fan:

ENTER TO WIN –> http://bit.ly/SwivelReclinerContest

These fabric swivel recliners are perfect for any room in the home and decorating styles across the board. The great thing about Miskelly’s contest is that you can actually choose from a wide variety of styles! Because you can pick your favorite fabric*, you can customize the recliner to your decorating preferences. Whether you want bright, playful patterns and colors for the kids’ playroom, or a more traditional, classic look for the living room, it’s your choice.

One lucky winner will be chosen on August 4, 2014. *Winner’s choice of any $999 fabric swivel recliner.

Good luck from Miskellys! Miskelly Furniture carries a large selection of swivel recliners, so be sure to visit any of our locations to shop around. Don’t forget to follow us on TwitterPinterest & Instagram @MiskellyFurniture!

Jul 14

Consider an Eclectic Style for Your Home


Eclectic style reflects a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish. Eclectic style interior design is the way to go if you just can’t choose one style. This interesting mix of furniture and accessories is becoming popular, and you should give it a try in your own home.

An eclectic room should feature pieces with commonalities to create harmony within the design. The color schemes used can be diverse, but as a general rule, neutral colors are important both as a backdrop and for large furniture pieces. Perfect colors for this style include white, cream, gray, black, brown and tan.

While fully matching pieces can create a classic continuity, some of the most beautiful spaces are pulling in things from all over the place. You don’t want a random assortment of furnishings, but a planned design; a shared theme should tie everything together.

The key to making it all work is picking elements that offer similar colors and finishes. For example, try putting a dark brown sofa in a room and also a vibrant, red contemporary accent chair that has a dark brown finish on the arms and legs. Put red throw pillows on the brown sofa.  Since the chair has a dark brown finish on the arms and legs, it ties in with the color of the sofa. The red color also complements the shades found in the throw pillows.

An eclectic styled room is brought together when the furnishings relate to each other in color, pattern, texture, finish or shape. Consider eclecticism next time you’re shopping in Miskelly Furniture. This blend of furnishing styles is great way to redecorate a room or try something new. Come see us and let us help you create your eclectic styled room!

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Jun 14

2 Adirondack Chairs Giveaway

adirondack miskelly chairs

It’s that time of year again to enjoy warm weather, grill out hamburgers and hotdogs, take trips to the beach, attend festivals and events, and relax outdoors with family and friends. In honor of the season, Miskelly Furniture wants to hold a fun contest that YOU can enter! This summer, we are giving away two Adirondack Chairs to one lucky Facebook fan!

ENTER TO WIN HERE –> http://bit.ly/WinAdirondackChairs

These set of chairs are great for summer. Whether you want to place them on your front porch, back patio, or take them to the perfect spot for relaxing in style, you will love these popular chairs.

One lucky winner will be chosen on June 28, 2014. Actual color of chairs may vary.

Good luck from Miskellys! Miskelly Furniture carries Adirondack Chairs, so be sure to visit any of our locations to shop around. Don’t forget to follow us on TwitterPinterest & Instagram @MiskellyFurniture!

Adirondak Facebook Promotion Graphic_1

Jun 14

How to Pick a Color Palette for Your Home

Picking the right interior color combinations for the home interior can be a challenge, though a welcome one if you are keen on transforming plain rooms into inspiring living spaces.

Here are a few tips on how to go about picking your color palette.

  • Know what you want

The secret to making the right choice is allowing yourself to enjoy the experience. You must know that you don’t have to abide by the color wheel or color matching theories to get it right. Color choices are very subjective so when it comes to decorating your interiors, the last thing you want is to pick someone else’s colors!

Try to resist the temptation to start off with paint color. Because paint is inexpensive and the fact that it can be matched to virtually every other color, it is advisable to start your search with less flexible elements of the room such as furniture, tile, fabrics and wallpaper. You can then base your paint colors on these.

If you must have multiple hues in your palette–something almost everyone adores–you should consider mixing values to stop the color combinations from becoming too chaotic. Choose one dark color, one bright color, and a light color and select the dominant hue in any room based on personal preferences. Make sure you feel comfortable with these colors.

If it’s your first time or if you’re unsure of what to pick, test your options first. Sketch your home and mark out every room. Then list the items that will be in each room such as decorations, furniture and carpet. Gather paint chips that represent the color of these items and compare the chips to see how the items will match once you set the room.

You probably have an idea of the positive and negative attributes of each room. List the pros and cons of each room’s features, then find the positive focal points of each room. Use color choices to highlight positives and lessen the impact of negatives. Think about how each room will flow into the next. Also consider the mood you’d like to create and the items you intend to incorporate into the color palette.

For greater success, plan from one room to the next and use one color for different portions in all rooms.

Gathering Table at Miskellys

Gathering Table at Miskellys

  • Where to start

There are several ways of kicking off your color scheme selection.

  • You can start with the biggest, most central room in the house (the living room is a perfect candidate.) If you’re undecided on a color for the chosen room, try a soft, neutral hue. The modern charcoal gray is a great choice and can also be used in dining rooms and hallways. Shades of white are also recommended.
  • Alternatively, you can start with the room that you already have a concrete plan for. If you’ve already made up your mind to have a spicy red, yellow, or orange sofa in the living room, start from there. As you move out from the bold-colored item, you should consider softer, more subdued hues, though you can also put bold colors next to each other.
Beautiful white sectional at Miskellys

Beautiful white sectional at Miskellys

  • Consider the lighting

Color is a reflection of light so you must always consider the impact of natural light or light from bulbs and lamps on fabrics, furniture, paint and other surfaces.

  • Bring it all together with Miskelly’s rugs, throw pillows and accessories
Accent Pillows from Miskellys

Accent Pillows from Miskellys

There are several ways of adding color with simple, small touches. Fabrics and accessories are excellent for this. Use rugs, throw pillows, wall art, and other accent pieces to add pattern and invite color to your interiors. Express your personality!

Miskelly Furniture is all about helping you transform your living spaces. Drop by and let our team of design experts assist you in creating your dream home! Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest & Instagram @MiskellyFurniture

Jun 14

3 Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Miskellys

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for the perfect father? We’ve got what you need! Whether he’s the grilling type, outdoor type, relaxing type or all of the above, Miskelly Furniture carries great Father’s Day gifts for all “mankind.”


Ah, summertime. It’s a time to enjoy cookouts with family on the patio. What would make it even better? Giving your father one of the best grills on the market: the Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill. So what makes these grills so popular?

  • Comes with everything you need to grill, sear and smoke

  • Best built, best backed, most versatile grill

  • Moister meats and the wood-fire flavor make for delicious dishes

  • Large cooking surface which means more burgers, more brats, more steaks–and more friends with grill envy!

Give him the ability to grill, smoke and sear better than ever this Father’s Day. From meat to seafood to veggies to pizzas, he can cook everything on it! Come check out all the colors and sizes we carry at Miskelly Furniture.

Kamado Joe Grill

Kamado Joe Grill


Fact: Dads love cold drinks. You won’t go wrong with getting your father a YETI® Cooler this Father’s Day. These indestructible coolers have a lot of awesome features and are made to last. Keeping items cold is what it’s all about. With thicker walls, more than twice the insulation and a full-frame gasket, this cooler will keep ice longer than your average cooler. They’re perfect for the Reservoir, fishing trips and summer vacays. He will absolutely love it! Come find your favorite color at Miskellys.

Yeti Coolers are perfect for summer.

Yeti Coolers are perfect for summer.


If your father is the type that truly appreciates an evening kicking back and watching the latest on ESPN, a recliner may just be the ultimate gift this Father’s Day. Whether you’re looking for a rocker recliner, built-in cup holders, leather or a plush cushion fabric, we have it all. Providing him a remarkably comfortable spot to take it easy after a long day at work or a day working in the yard is a gift he will never forget! Visit us at Miskelly Furniture, Miskelly’s in Madison or Miskelly’s RoomStore to find the perfect recliner you’re looking for.

Get social with Miskellys and “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @MiskellyFurniture. This June 15th, we hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Jun 14

Win a Yeti Cooler for Father’s Day!

Yeti Facebook Promotion Graphic_1

This Father’s Day, get the perfect gift for the perfect father for FREE!

We are holding an exciting Facebook giveaway and we want you to participate! You could win a YETI® Cooler from Miskelly’s just in time for this special occasion by entering to win on our Facebook page.

 ENTER TO WIN HERE –> http://bit.ly/MiskellyGivesAwayYeti

If your father enjoys the outdoors and would appreciate an amazing, well-deserved gift this Father’s Day, look no further — just with the click of a button, you could be on your way to winning a 25 quart YETI® Cooler (even choose your favorite color!) YETI® Coolers have a lot of great features and are made to last. Keeping items cold is what a cooler is all about. With thicker walls, more than twice the insulation and a full-frame gasket, this cooler will keep ice longer than your average cooler. He will absolutely love it!

One lucky winner will be chosen on June 10, 2014, just in time for Father’s Day on Sunday, June 15. Good luck from Miskellys! Miskelly Furniture carries YETI® Coolers year-round, so be sure to visit our Airport Road location to shop around.

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YETI Cooler

YETI Cooler