Oct 14

Miskelly Furniture Partners With MiracleHome


Would you like to contribute to a good cause and be eligible to win a beautiful home in Ridgeland, Mississippi? Get your ticket for 2014 Batson MiracleHome Project!

Tickets are now on sale for the Batson MiracleHome Project, presented by Trustmark National Bank. Friends of Children’s Hospital has started construction on their newest MiracleHome Project, and Miskelly Furniture is participating by staging the home with gorgeous furniture!

MiracleHome with furniture from Miskellys

MiracleHome with furniture from Miskellys

Constructed by Scott Shoemaker of Shoemaker Homes in The Enclave at Towne Center in Ridgeland, this house will feature 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large bonus room upstairs and a large, open floor plan with outdoor porch and kitchen area. Because Miskelly Furniture wants to make it feel like home when visitors walk in, we staged the house with stunning furniture and accessories.

Ridgeland Chamber President Mark Petro, Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee, Friends President Leigh Reeves, Trustmark Executive Vice President George Gunn and MiracleHome builder Scott Shoemaker cut the first board for framing of the 2014 MiracleHome.

Ridgeland Chamber President Mark Petro, Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee, Friends President Leigh Reeves, Trustmark Executive Vice President George Gunn and MiracleHome builder Scott Shoemaker cut the first board for framing of the 2014 MiracleHome.

Best of all, you could win this amazing home! Friends of Children’s Hospital is selling 6,000 of the printed tickets by the December 6th giveaway date. The winner will be drawn live on WJTV. So purchase your $100 raffle ticket today for a chance to win the MiracleHome or one of their other fabulous secondary prize packages!

There’s more great news — you don’t have to wait until December for a chance to win. Take advantage of the Early Bird Drawing and enter by Friday, October 31st for a chance to win:

  • Accessory gift certificate – $1,000 value
  • Flat screen TV console – $900 value
  • Solid wood curio cabinet – $700 value


Friends of Children’s Hospital MiracleHome committee works throughout the year with a volunteer builder to construct a home using donated materials and sells raffle tickets for a chance to win the home for $100 each. The project was created in 2003 with The Home Builder’s Association of Jackson and is annually presented by Trustmark National Bank.

Get your MiracleHome ticket today and support Mississippi’s only children’s hospital!

Stay up-to-date and follow Miskelly Furniture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @MiskellyFurniture. You can also find Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children on Facebook and Twitter!

Oct 14

Just Arrived at Miskellys: Metal Wall Art

Pictures and paintings have covered walls for centuries. Isn’t it time to revitalize your home and make a bolder, more exciting statement? With Miskelly’s new metal wall art, you can do just that!

The Miskelly team is excited to carry metal wall art because we’re confident you will LOVE them. These high quality decorator pieces are absolutely stunning! They combine the edgy nature of modern sculpture with the classic–and practical–option of displaying true style on your walls.

No need to clutter the room with stand-alone decorations; simply add decorative metal wall art like these:


Another huge perk to owning these gorgeous pieces is that you can hang them virtually anywhere. For example:

  • Hallways
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Offices
  • Bathrooms

And since they’re a good size and listed at fantastic prices, Miskelly’s metal wall art would make the perfect Christmas gift for new homeowners.

No matter how you would describe your personal decorating style, Miskelly Furniture has a wide variety of options for you to choose from. If you’re ready to bring new trends to your home this fall or winter, swing by any of our locations!

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Oct 14

New Glass Pieces at Miskelly Furniture

Just in at Miskelly Furniture: stunning glass pieces! You are sure to love these vibrant glass accents. If you’re looking to bring color to your home, Miskellys has the most stylish accessories to make your house a home.

The weather is getting cooler and colorful glass is a great way to bring warmth to any room. If your room is a neutral color, consider reds and other rich colors that will make the atmosphere feel all the more cozy. If you already have brightly-colored furniture or walls, try neutral decorative glass to even the tone.

Imagine one of these gorgeous glass pieces filled with candy canes or poinsettias come Christmas, or a glowing scented candle when you curl up to watch a movie on a chilly winter night.


These unique pieces will give your home a vibrant, trendy touch in seconds.


At Miskelly Furniture, we provide options and variety. Whether your style is classic, contemporary, rustic, retro, eclectic, or modern, we’ve got you covered. If you’re ready to bring new trends to your home this fall, swing by any of our locations shop ’til you drop. You’re sure to be pleased by the prices and selection!

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Oct 14

Win a Sealy Hybrid Mattress Set from Miskelly Furniture!

Sealy Mattress_Promotion Graphic_14_1

Could you use a better night’s sleep? Do you want to win an exciting prize valued at $1299? Great news – Miskelly Furniture is giving away a Sealy Posturepedic® Hybrid Mattress Set and YOU could win!

Click HERE to Enter to Win

The all-new Sealy Posturepedic® Hybrid Mattress combines Sealy’s two best sleep technologies into one great mattress. A true half foam/half springs design gives you all the cooling comfort of gel memory foam in the top half and the deep down support you’ve come to expect from Sealy Posturepedic in the bottom half. If you’re yearning for a luxurious night’s sleep every night, you’ll find it here. This mattress set is the perfect combination of comfort and support.

Sealy Posturepedic® Hybrid Mattress Set

Sealy Posturepedic® Hybrid Mattress Set

It’s so simple to enter to win this fantastic prize from Miskelly Furniture! Just click here and enter your email address.

Increase your chances of winning by sharing the contest with your Facebook friends and encouraging them to enter. When your friends enter, you get bonus points. There’s no limit to how many bonus points you can earn, so share away!

We will announce one winner chosen at random on October 21, 2014 on our Facebook page (winner will also be contacted via email). Good luck, everyone!

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Oct 14

Miskelly Facebook Fan Wins Free Recliner

It pays to be a Miskelly Furniture Facebook fan.

To kick off this year’s football season, we held an exciting Facebook contest to give away a high performance fabric recliner valued at $599. We were happy to make Katie Nelson’s day and announce her as our winner! She said she had been thinking about purchasing a recliner from Miskelly’s for a few months now, so it was definitely Katie’s lucky day. Congratulations!

Katie Nelson, Miskelly's Facebook Contest Winner

Katie Nelson, Miskelly’s Facebook Contest Winner

The fabric recliner is perfect for kicking back and relaxing during football games, or for a Friday night movie. No matter what the occasion, we hope Katie loves her new recliner from Miskelly Furniture!

Didn’t win? No worries – we’re always holding fun giveaways on social media, so be sure to give us a follow for your chance to win the next one. Follow Miskelly’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram @MiskellyFurniture

Sep 14

Getting Your Home Ready for Autumn

When autumn chill is in the air and the landscape is changing colors, your home needs a perk. Updating for fall with the seasonal colors of rustic reds, burnt orange, gold and deep chocolate brown should begin with your front door and be continued throughout your home. Here are a few tips from Miskellys:

Front Doorway Entrance

An front door autumn wreath with decorating colors of reds, golds and brown will offer a welcoming, cheerful greeting. Accenting your porch area with natural fall decorating colors of real pumpkins, gourds and imagery complete the change from summer sun to fall gusts.

Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath

Front Entry Hall

On a side table, or if your space permits, a center foyer table, place a tall vase filled with bright multicolored mums which are prevalent this season. Situate a bowl of fall colors full of whole nuts beside the floral arrangement to complete the welcoming greeting.  Place a vividly hued fall throw rug on the foyer floor to be seasonally chic, and also practical in giving fall muddied footwear a place to step.

Incorporate the fragrances of fall with potpourri or oil scent diffusers to fill your home with the scent of cinnamon, apples, and other spices of the season. Use these throughout your home to give it an ambiance of a pleasing light scent.

Fall Arrangement

Fall Arrangement

Living Room Autumn Decor

Miskelly Furniture carries fall textured lamp shades and accessories to change out for the season. Simply changing a lampshade works wonders! You can also hang brightly colored fall blankets over the backs of chairs and sofas. This imparts a homey and warm atmosphere, plus the practicality again when autumn winds turn colder.

On the coffee table or prominent side table, place a large vase filled with either natural light branches from your own trees or faux ones that boast colorful leaves and autumn foliage. Duplicate this color accent in glass figurines situated about the room. This light accent will open the room and surround the area of warm fall colors.

cover photo new

Kitchen Autumn Decor

Change table place mats and kitchen toweling to colors for fall ambiance. You can also place a medium-sized wire crate filled with various natural gourds of oranges, yellows and stripes. They have unique textures, colors and shapes, all of which add to the decor you have created.

Arrange a kitchen table centerpiece with artistic flair using a variety of small gourds, pine cones, and fresh apples. Place an autumn hued throw rug in front of the sink. The throw rugs can be braided in rich colors of red, gold, brown and green, or patterned with one or more of those colors. A solid colored throw rug can be placed where more color is desired.

Kitchen Autumn Decor

Kitchen Autumn Decor

Bath Autumn Decor

The bathroom is typically small, so the decoration can be simply fall colored towels and covers for the commode tank, rug and lid. Specialty soaps with spice scent or special shapes for the season can be added, as well.

Autumn-Spiced Candles

Autumn-Spiced Candles

Bedroom Autumn Decor

The bedroom should not be neglected. Add a linen set(s) in a fall color you don’t usually use, and give the bedroom a shot of autumn leaves. Red serves this purpose very well, and then can be utilized again later this year for the Christmas season!

bedroom decor

Natural Autumn Elements

Add a shot of autumn spice around the house using natural elements such as:

  • pine cones,
  • colorful leaves,
  • nuts,
  • acorns and
  • a dried floral accent.
Pine Cone Arrangement

Pine Cone Arrangement

We hope you’ve enjoyed these fall decorating tips from Miskelly Furniture! Get social with us and follow us FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram @MiskellyFurniture.

Sep 14

Win a Recliner from Miskelly Furniture!

Recliner_Football_Promotion Graphic_14_1

Are you a fan of football? How about free furniture? Miskelly Furniture is giving away a beautiful, comfy recliner this football season to a lucky Facebook fan! And you’re only a click away from entering to win –> http://bit.ly/ReclinerGiveaway

This prize is perfect for kicking back and relaxing during your favorite games (or your favorite Thursday night TV show). The great news is that not only are we giving away a recliner valued at $599, but it’s so quick and easy to enter to win. All you have to do is click here and enter your email address. Yep, that’s it!

If you want to increase your chances of winning, share the contest with your Facebook friends and encourage them to enter. When your friends enter, you get bonus points. There’s no limit to how many bonus points you can earn, so share away!

We will announce one winner chosen at random on October 1, 2014 on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow Miskelly’s on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @MiskellyFurniture. Good luck, everyone! :)

recliner miskelly furniture

Sep 14

Fall Decorating Ideas from Miskelly Furniture

Summer is gone and the cooler days are just around the corner. It’s time to transform your home decor to match the season and dress your home for fall!

Take a look at these six fall decorating tips from Miskelly Furniture to transform your home from summer to autumn:

Add a Festive Front Door Wreath

A wreath with seasonal foliage is one of the best ways to get the exterior of your home ready for fall. Spruce up the wreath with the freshest-looking leaves, and try to mix up the colors to give it a beautiful, colorful variety.

Fall wreath

Fall wreath

Warm Up Your Deck or Patio

Decks and patios can sometimes be neglected if the humidity and mosquitoes are too much to bear. So as summer turns to fall, the weather is perfect for comfortable evenings outside. First, give your outdoor space a little cleaning if its needs it. Once it’s ready to go, gather fleece throws and pillows for extra comfort and add a trendy rug to keep your feet warm. Add mini pumpkins and fall foliage to the table.

Outdoor setting

Outdoor setting

Add New Accent Pillows to Your Living Room

When the colder weather grows near, friends and family will start spending more and more time indoors. Cozy up your living room sofas and chairs with a variety of plush throw pillows in different shapes, sizes and patterns. These comfortable accessories will not only change up your living room a bit, but will give the entire room a warmer tone.

Accent pillows

Accent pillows

Decorate a Fall-Inspired Mantel

Your mantel deserves a little love during other holidays leading up to Christmas. Give it some attention during fall! Turn your mantel into an autumn-inspired display by adding pumpkins, candles and leaves. Seeing your festive mantel everyday will make you love the season even more.

Fall decorated mantel

Fall decorated mantel

Pull Out the Matches

No, we don’t want you put anything on fire! We just suggest lighting up the candles. Since fall comes with cooler weather and shorter days, it’s a great time to put those candles to use. Take advantage of early nightfall and embrace the darkness by lighting scented candles around the house. The candlelit ambiance will give the room at inviting atmosphere and cozy feeling you may be looking for, along with a yummy scent.

Add candles

Add candles

Fill the Air with Fall Scents

While we’re on the subject of scents, did we mention that potpourri is an easy and attractive way to release fresh scents around your home? Collect dried natural materials, like cinnamon sticks, cloves, hazelnuts, orange slices and lavender, in a bowl and sprinkle with a few drops of oil to spread the scent through your home. Place a nicely arranged bowl of freshly-made potpourri in the most occupied rooms in the house.



These quick and simple fall decorating ideas will instantly make your home feel cozy this autumn. We’d love to offer even more ideas to transition your home from summer to fall by visiting with you at any Miskelly Furniture location!

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Aug 14

Shop Labor Day at Miskelly Furniture!

interest free

As a big thank you for your business over the years, Miskelly Furniture invites you to join us for a Labor Day Celebration.

Need a new bed? Wanting to spruce up your living room? How about a new dining table for the upcoming holidays? Come by Miskelly Furniture for special Labor Day savings! Our 2014 Labor Day Sale is one you don’t want to miss!!

Shop Labor Day at Miskelly’s and take advantage of these spectacular deals*:

  • $250 off shopping coupon
  • 20% off rugs and accessories
  • Pay no interest until 2019

Wow — now that’s big savings!

Let’s recap: Be at our doors at 10:00 a.m. for a $250 shopping coupon (*valid on a $1499 minimum purchase. See store for complete details on discounts and financing). Pay no interest until 2019, and get 20% off rugs and accessories! Offer good at all locations.

Interest plus $250 Off


We will have giveaways all day long! On Labor Day (9/1/14) at Miskelly Furniture’s Airport Road location, we’ll be giving away prizes throughout the day including:

  • Samsung 60″ HDTV
  • YETI Cooler
  • Kamado Joe Grill
  • THREE mattress sets
  • …and a $5,000 shopping spree!!


See you Labor Day for Miskelly’s Labor Day Celebration! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with discounts, sales, and view beautiful product photos. Follow us on Instagram @MiskellyFurniture

Aug 14

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fb-icon_35x35Facebook – “Like” us on Facebook at facebook.com/miskellyfurniture to win BIG prizes from us. We’ve given away a Simmons recliner, bedroom suite, server, 7-piece dining room set, $2,000 gift certificate, $500 gift certificate, one-of-a-kind sideboard, two YETI® coolers, two Adirondack chairs, $250 gift card from our friends at Boots & More, a stylish swivel recliner, and more. Whew! That’s a lot of great stuff to give just to our Facebook fans.

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